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Indasteri ea Meepo

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Lilemong tsa morao tjena, thekenoloji ea merafo e ka tlas'a lefatše lapeng le linaheng tse ling e tsoetse pele ka potlako, 'me mekhoa e mengata e mecha ea merafo, mekhoa e mecha, lisebelisoa tse ncha le lisebelisoa tse ncha li sebelisitsoe merafong ea ka tlas'a lefatše. Meepo e meng ea lehae le palo e 'maloa ea theknoloji e tsoetseng pele ea merafo le lisebelisoa li kene maemong a phahameng a lefatše.

The development of mining technology and equipment in underground metal mines at home and abroad is mainly manifested in the proportions of various mining methods and the great changes in the mining technology and technical equipment. They are all developing in the direction of high efficiency, high recovery rate and mechanization. , The production capacity and labor productivity of stopes have been greatly improved, and the loss and dilution indicators have been greatly reduced.

Most of the mine bases are in relatively remote places, so the operation of these mining engineering machinery requires self-generation. Diesel generator sets are the best choice and are used for power supply in various mines.